A realm full of dark humour and naughtiness!



These comic pages are not part of any chapter

origins of Marius.

a flash back to how our hero got his beloved bucket "helm!"

The Goblin King

Marius and his new sidekick must go to the realm of blunderland to save Max

welcome to Blunderland

mischief boy causes more problems and max get more that he expected due to magic!

The trial of mischief boy.

for crimes against the state and the murder of humpty dumpty, MB finds his head is on the block!

Girl Trouble

Mb finds a friend, and all hell breaks out!

three tales.

the tale of the war on Oz, wee willie winkie, Jane has a story to tell

Fairy blues

Meet our naughty in-house fairy and also find out what happens when you cross big blue!

Return to Blunderland

back in earth realm, Ellis must prove blunderland is real and seek help from old foes!

Revenge in Blunderland

Ellis brings trouble to Blunderland and gets more than he bargained for!

plant hunters.

Marius is on a mission to rid blunderland of the evil gobbler plants. and Immy makes a new friend.

Old town and the tale of the street rat

a dream about Imouto's past take the gang to old town in search of her lost mother

The Outlaw and the Cheshire cat

Immy learns more about her past, Jane learns about the piper and Marius meets the outlaw red of the riding hood

The Order of the pink Tea Pot

meeting in secret to plot against the queen a new order is born.

The Girl from earth realm

Imouto finds herself in big trouble when she messes with the portal.

Jack and Jill

All change for Marius and the gang when the pirate queen Red Handed Jill shows up!

The true tale of the three little pigs

on his mission with red riding hood, Mb hears the true tale of the three little pigs.

Wrath of the pirate queen.

The queen of the seas and Jane clash over Immy.

The royal Ball

Alice returns to Blunderland when the members of the order of the pink tea pot bring an end to the queens party!


Both Imouto and Alice make decisions for the future by facing up to the past.

The Coronation of queen Alice

Blunderland has a new queen and a new sheriff, and MB finds out Immy broke the portal home!

the Duchess

we enter book two and a whole new set of tales unfold...

A package from the Sea

Marius receives a most unexpected package.

The true tale of Red Riding hood.

After another clash with her old gran, red reflects on her life and the lie that became the Earth realm fairy tale....

The thing in the caves

reports of noises in the goblin caves have Marius and his sidekicks investigating..

bad boys and house maids

Gracie tries to settle in to her new life while MB is up to no good!

26. A Nun in Blunderland

the back story of the old woman in the shoe

Broken hearts of Blunderland

what is the truth that Jane has been hiding? and has Jam pushed Red too Far?

cry of the fairy's

disaster strikes blunderland when a beast rips into the fairy realm.

What ever happened to Mary Anne?

finding an old locket opens a new investigation to what happened to it's owner.

Peril in the dark forest

After dealing with a few loose ends, Lord Marius heads off on a new mission for the queen with his loyal sidekick MB

The Downfall of Marius the Red.

Marius and his loyal sidekick MB find themselves in big trouble in the dark forest.


marius and the kids pay a visit to the town of wizards.

Rose and Ruby

Rose get a new magical pal

Imotou of the law

Immy gets her big chance to prover herself and Marius beings wizard training.

fairy tale

the fairy trio look for the missing fairys